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Spring 2014

Welcome to the Spring 2014 season!

Coaches training is scheduled for April 12. For important details click here.


Coaching Contacts

Current Coaches - General Q&A:
Matt Krol, Director of Coaching >>> Click Here For Contact Information

To Be A Coach:
Patty Rodwick, Director of Volunteers >>> Click Here For Contact Information



 Some reminders-

 Rotate your players-no 1 child should play while others sit.

 Spectators should sit opposite coaches & players.

 Even if a ref isn't seeing/calling it, stop rough play, players stay on thier feet!!

 If you have a problem, question or concern, please see me!

 Implement the KYSO philosophies!

Have a great, fun season!

See you at the fields-

Sean Carmody-Director of Recreation/President KYSO

Coach Philosophy

The Bad Leader Is He Who People Despise

The Good Leader Is He Who The  People Praise

The Great Leader is He Who The People Say-----